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Paddle Repairs

In addition to building fine furniture, Paul handcrafts wood and carbon fiber kayak & canoe paddles as well as offering repair services for damaged composite paddles. Repairs are performed using high quality marine epoxy with premium grade carbon fiber fabric. 

The Repair Process

  • Broken fibers are cut away

  • Voids are filled with chopped fiberglass strand and thickened epoxy

  • Damaged area is patched with high quality carbon fiber 

  • Repairs are post-cured in an specialty oven

Repair Prices

The Details

Repair prices are for one blade only. Every damaged paddle is unique and might require more labor and materials than outlined above.  High quality materials and refined techniques are used for repairs however there is no warranty or guarantee  that your paddle will not break. Use your repaired paddle at your own discretion. 

For efficiency in the shop, paddle repairs are batched together and lead times are approximately four weeks. If you require a quicker turnaround, a rush charge is an additional $20. Repair fees are required to be paid upfront. Payment accepted is cash, check, or zelle bank transfer. 

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