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The Price of Quality Furniture

The biggest question I get from clients is “How much does your work cost?”

My goal here is to un-shroud the mystery surrounding the cost of fine furniture and to cultivate a better understanding of the process.

Time + Materials

My pricing is based on shop labor hours and materials.

Firstly, I have a set hourly shop rate. This rate is carefully calculated based on my business overhead, shop machines, tools, consumables, and my experience. I have to keep the lights on and the tools sharp. Great furniture takes time and as a result, a large percentage of the overall price is labor. You're paying for an educated and experienced craftsman to take a tree in raw form to a refined piece of furniture.

Secondly the materials.

I source high quality domestic hardwood lumber for all of my pieces. Each board is hand selected for a specific project based on grain, color & character. I buy rough sawn lumber and deliberately mill every part in my shop for the best finished product. Lumber prices change on a weekly basis and I make an effort to offer the best price on every project.

There is no magic formula for creating an estimate for furniture. I sit down with my spreadsheet and mentally work out all the tasks and steps required to turn a pile of rough boards into a fine piece of art. As you could imagine, no easy task. I rely on my years of experience to create an accurate estimate.


The Techniques

I utilize time tested techniques when designing & building every piece of furniture. I cut solid wood joinery including mortise & tenons, dovetails, rabbets & dados. These mechanical joints allow me to create furniture that is extraordinarily strong while still allowing the seasonal movement of solid wood. I perform these techniques as efficiently as possible with a combination of powered machines and tuned hand tools.


The Value

The pieces I build are an investment. I am dedicated to creating beautiful furniture that will last for generations. I make it my mission to deliver a superior product that you simply can not find in stores. I firmly believe that surrounding ourselves with thoughtful, hand crafted objects built with natural materials can enhance our daily lives.


The Numbers

Below are general starting prices for my work.

Please contact me and I can work with you to create an accurate estimate for your specific project.

Dining Tables

$ 3,800

End Tables, Coffee Tables, Occasional Tables

$ 900

Dining Chairs, stools

$ 700

Small Wall Cabinets

$ 900

Sideboards, Credenzas, Bar Cabinets

$ 2,600

Dressers & Large Cabinets

$ 3,800


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